YES Sir! It hurts so good!

..............................I will learn to be a good girl!

I have only recently found out that I am a Sub. Above you see the first picturse I saw that began to peek my interest. Before searching the net, I had never even heard the term. Although Iím still at the experimental stage, I am fast learning what I like and dislike. Web surfing has been invaluable in this endeavor. The following are some pictures Iíve found on the Net.* In the text, Iíve given either the reason I find the picture erotic or a summary of the story I see behind it. Alas, it is pure fantasy as I have not yet experienced having a Master. (For more information regarding this Sub...see and go to Matchmaker...choose female, bottom age 24-24 Nickname: Badgirl)

To be totally honest, I don't know exactly why I found the above pictures arousing. I just did. (I have never had an experience like that. I have never even had clamps on my nipples or breasts. And I DO NOT THINK I AM READY FOR ANYTHING THAT HARSH, AT THIS TIME. I don't even own any clothespins.) Maybe it was because both the girl in the picture and I have large breasts and therefore I may have seen her as a reflection of me? Maybe it was because even through her torture I detected a hint of intense pleasure on her face? Or maybe I am just kinky? Who knows? Who cares? I know it made me want to know more about my own sexuality. And so here I am...searching. I will be updating this page frequently, as I learn more and find new pictures. So far, I seem to be learning daily. So bookmark this page and visit often! You can either watch me grow or help in my development as a new and budding Sub.

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